Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

I found Boo sitting on the end of the dining room table when I turned on the lights this morning. She’s usually waiting for me there, couldn’t be more obvious about what she wanted if she had a bib and was propping up a knife and fork with each paw. And, usually, I snap my finger and she jumps down off the table without delay, but this morning she just grumbled at me.

“What?” I asked, incredulously, and snapped my finger again. She still wouldn’t budge.

I reached for the squirt gun. That’s usually enough to change her mind, but not this morning. I grabbed the squirt gun. She still didn’t make a move to get down, so I swung around and pointed the squirt gun at her, giving her one last chance. She only blinked her eyes at me, with lots of attitude, as if to say, Yeah? Bring it. So I shot her in the face.

She shook it off, did a one-eighty to turn her butt to me, and sat back down again, very slowly. This is what I think of your squirt gun, bitch.

Hoo boy, did she get drenched for that.

Little Squirt | 6:30 am CDT
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