Lizard breath

O hai. I’d write some drivel but my circadian rhythm’s still all goofed up up from the fall back from daylight savings time. And speaking of goofballs, we also spent way too much time googling shit about Pleiadians and Nazi flying saucers after watching the video where Colleen Thomas threatens Barack Obama with total molecular discombobulation if he doesn’t surrender the dirty bombs to the Lizardians … or something. B thinks she might be able to get a handle on what this looney toon is talking about but I think she’s just barfing up word salad. Anyway, it’s way past my bed time, but I know you’re staying up late, so here, you figure it out:


  1. The Seanster · November 8, 2010

    Ho. Ly. Fuck.



    • Dave · November 9, 2010

      Yeah, but in a fun way, right?


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