Friday, October 8th, 2010

image of an old game

If I’d been able to figure out how to fit it into the back seat of our car, this would be in the living room of our home right now. Or maybe not. When I mentioned it to My Darling B she laughed and asked me where I thought we would be able to put a monstrosity like this in our living room.

“You know … we could put it on the end, where the desk is now,” I pointed out. “That would be the perfect place for it, really.”

“It would be perfect in the basement,” she laughed, correcting me. Is correct the right word? Wait, I meant to say contradicted.

Whatever, it would be awesome anywhere we could find room for it, because look at it! The backboard was a little peeled around the edges but otherwise in fabulous condition, and so was the paint at the near end of the lane. I whiled away so many happy hours playing games like this. Do you remember when games like these were ten cents per play? How long has it been since you’ve even laid eyes on one of these? Okay, wait, don’t tell me if you’ve never seen one before. I don’t want to know.

Shuffle Bowling at St Vinnie’s | 8:09 pm CDT
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