Saturday, September 11th, 2010

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I’ve been lusting after a hardbound copy of Gotham: A History of New York City to 1898 ever since I spotted it on the shelves at Paul’s Bookstore on State Street. Alas, it was priced way over the limit of what I’ll spend on any book (five dollars) that isn’t about rockets or choo-choo trains, so I was certain I was damned to pine for it forever …

… until today! Coming back from our weekly trip to the farmer’s market, My Darling B asked if I wanted to stop at Saint Vinnie’s thrift store. I’d been there just the day before but we had the time and she wanted to stop and browse the mind-bogglingly expensive trinkets in the kitchen store across the street anyway, so I said sure, we’ll stop.

Way in the back of the used book section of the store there’s one of those racks that displays books face-front. It’s usually filled with coffee table photo collections, Anne Geddes babies and bound collections of Life magazine covers, stuff like that. I flip through the books anyway because I found a really good large-format book about steam locomotives in there once and I’m under the delusion it could happen again.

Thank goodness I check, because that’s where I found a paperback copy of Gotham today. I snatched it off the shelf without having to think twice about it, then flipped it over to see what the damages to my wallet would be. Three and a half bucks! Finds like this are what make getting out of bed early on a Saturday morning worthwhile.

image of book

And speaking of choo-choo trains and steam locomotives, I also scored a soft cover copy of the Illustrated Book of Steam and Rail! How lucky can one guy be? I already have plenty of encyclopedias and other illustrated guides to choo-choos from around the world, but this one is put together by Colin Garratt and Max Wade-Matthews. I have no idea who the second guy is, but I have several books by Colin Garratt and they all make me drool with delight, so when I saw his name on the cover of this guide I had to add it to my collection. Cost: Just a dollar. Bliss!

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