Sunday, July 18th, 2010

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Sleep was not coming easily to me last night. A passing squall woke me up with its lightning and thunder. Do you usually hear people say “lightning and thunder” or “thunder and lightning?” I think “lightning” should come first, because that’s what you see and what you get when a storm comes along. But the way I hear people say it, “thunder” comes first. Doesn’t that seem odd when you think about it? Thunder follows lightning as tomato follows bacon & lettuce. (Don’t even think of telling me you would desecrate the perfection of a BLT by leaving out the tomato. I couldn’t be responsible for my actions if you did.)

After the squall passed and the thunder let up, a gentle rain began to fall. I thought, This’ll be sweet, falling asleep to the sound of the rain on the roof. But no. It was a gentle rain for about ten, maybe twenty minutes until the wind kicked up. And that was not entirely a bad thing after a day of scorching temperatures and a sticky-hot night. The cool breeze felt good, but because the windows were as wide open as we could get them each gust slapped the window blinds against the wall. I walked around closing the windows to a small gap and adjusting the blinds, but by then it was too late to undo the damage. I was wide awake.

So I laid in bed wide-awake for about an hour listening to the wind buffet the trees outside the bedroom until I just couldn’t stand it any longer and finally rolled out of bed at about four-thirty to stumble through the darkness to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee and write drivel. Good morning. And how are you?

You may have experienced a brief outage if you tried to visit this blog last night, the result of what I might call a server migration if I felt like trying to bullshit you. If I weren’t, I would tell you that the server itself was traveling cross-country in the trunk of my brother’s car. We spare no expense to bring you this drivel every day and I noticed Big Pete had the server up and running again when I started poking around on the internet at oh-dark-thirty this morning. Thanks, Pete! rules!

Rain. Not Rain. | 5:06 pm CDT
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