Today is the first day of my last week at the bank! I’m still debating myself as to whether that’s a good thing or a very, very bad thing.

When I reminisce about the adventure we went on after I retired from the Air Force (exactly five years ago at the end of this month!) and came back to the States, the excitement of those days is still fresh in my mind. There was quite a lot of uncertainty in it, so much that I lay awake on more than a few nights wondering how we were going to get by, but I’m wired for worry. It comes naturally to me. After sun-up we were on the move, heading to the local branch of the library, where we had time reserved on their computers to submit the applications we’d prepared the day before, then used the rest of our time to search for new vacancies. I didn’t have time to be worried then, and the thrill of doing something completely new was just amazing. That’s when it seems like a good thing.

But there are still those nights … I’m wired for worry, remember? … if I spend any time thinking about what a stinkhole the economy’s still in, I get into a deeply-worn rut wondering if the excitement of this job search is going to be anywhere near as amazing, or just plain terrifying instead.

I’m hoping to secure employment somewhere outside the world of finance, by the way. I think I’ve neglected to mention that. My bad, sorry. The banking gig was enough of a challenge to be fun while it lasted, but I’m looking for something completely different this time. My goal is a career change so complete it will utterly eclipse the last one, the one where I retired from a life-long career as a non-commissioned officer in one of the most powerful military organizations on the planet to become an administrator and troubleshooter in the cubicle maze of a basement office.

I’ll let you know how that works out. Watch this space.

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