Monday, June 7th, 2010

Hot Tip O’ The Day: Mondays aren’t so bad when you don’t have to spend them in the office!

One of the bennies that came with the elimination of my job, if that’s not a self-destructive contradiction, was that management hired a placement agency to help those of us who were about to be newly unemployed find jobs. We got two afternoons off to attend job-hunting seminars, and two private sessions with the agency pros to help us write resumes.

Today was my appointed day to meet with one of the resume gurus, so I took the day off, dropped My Darling B at work, then returned to my basement lair to brush off the resume that’s been gathering dust in the files of my computer and polish it up a bit myself before mailing it in to the pro for further beautification.

The agency is on the other side of town but right off the beltline. I was there in about twenty minutes. Would’ve been there in ten if I hadn’t gotten lost. I don’t go over there very often so I don’t know that side of town very well and expected to get very lost, which is why I left three-quarters of an hour before my appointment and brought a book with me.

Somebody who was not my resume guru came out of her office to greet me when I came in, asked me to take a seat in the waiting room and offered to get me a coke. Nice place. My guru showed up about ten minutes later, shook my hand and asked me to come to her office even though she still had ten minutes before our appointment and could have spent it updating her Facebook status or surfing the Failblog. Nice, again.

We spent a very productive hour in her office, she asking lots of questions and taking copious notes. I have very little doubt that she’ll produce one bang-up resume for me, so it was time well spent.

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