Saturday, June 5th, 2010

We ate hamburgers in the rain!

We went to this year’s Burgers & Brew even though it was pouring rain outside! Pouring! And so did a couple hundred other people! We all ate burgers in the pouring rain! Cats and dogs pouring! Totally crazy pouring rain!

Quite a few people had umbrellas, and isn’t it a lot of fun trying to work your way through a crowd of people holding umbrellas? Sometimes we’d pass somebody who obliged us by holding their umbrella up a little higher, but most of us misjudged the overlap and ended up dumping all the water off their umbrellas down our backs, and we did the same more than once.

A few more people wore ponchos that helped keep them mostly dry, but only mostly. This was crazy pouring rain, remember, so even ponchos could only do so much.

Then there were quite a few who had no umbrellas or ponchos or any kind of rain gear whatsoever, who stood in the drenching downpour with water running down their faces and necks and choked down their burgers with a miserable expression that said, I paid twenty-five bucks for this burger and I’m going to eat every goddamn soggy bite!

Every so often the rain would let up just a bit. Once it stopped almost completely. When that happened, My Darling B would experimentally step out from under our umbrella, look up into the clouds and say, “I really think it’s going to stop now” with such optimism that even I believed it at first. Three minutes later, though, it would be pouring down rain again.

But most people, even a few of the people who were soaked right through to their underpants, looked like they were having a genuinely good time.

The burgers this year were delicious as ever, and it may just be me but I think they’re getting bigger. The first year they were just tiny little things, if memory serves, barely three bites’ worth, just big enough so you could get a taste of them. Two years later they were all so big that we couldn’t quite finish the last one; one of them was about the size of a burger you’d be served in any self-respecting tavern.

The beers were just as tasty as ever, too. I guess I’m a little disappointed the tiny commemorative shot glass they serve it in hasn’t grown in size to keep up with the bigger burgers, but oh well.

soggy | 7:39 pm CST
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