Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Banging away at my office keyboard yesterday morning, I was distracted by an Outlook pop-up reminding me I had a very important meeting that afternoon. I’ve got Outlook set up to give me these things all the time. I can hardly remember to feed myself without them.

Trouble is, they’re only as good as the lead time you build into them. The one that pops up to tell me I should generate the morning reports doesn’t need any lead time. Just click on “OK” and do it. For the one that tells me I’ve got a meeting with Michael in his office, just down the hall, I give myself enough time to visit the bathroom, then grab my notebook.

As for the pop-up that reminded me to drive to the very important meeting on the other side of freaking town, I should have given myself at least twelve hours of lead time so it would have reminded me the night before. I should have, but I didn’t, so I didn’t remember to drive B to work and keep the car. Curse you, Outlook! Do what I want you to do, not what I tell you to do!

Lucky for me someone else in the department was going to the same meeting, a presentation by a job placement service, and agreed to give me a ride after I groveled shamelessly. I’m not sure the groveling was necessary, but I figure it never hurts.

I never thought much about using a job placement service before, but it’s provided free of charge by the company so why wouldn’t I? And even if they can’t find me a job, at the very least I should be able to pick up some pointers. As a bonus, it turns out they’re going to write a resume for me at the next meeting. I’ve got that one marked on my old-fashioned desk calendar in big, red letters.

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