Saturday, April 10th, 2010

bench grinderBench Grinder. You gotta get yourself one of these.

If you have any kind of tools that cut, chop or mulch, do yourself a huge favor and get a bench grinder and sharpen the blades of your cutting, shopping, and/or mulching tools.

I bought it specifically to sharpen the blades of the wood chipper we bought two weeks ago. I’ve been grinding up small brush with it ever since and just I realized the blades had gotten so dull that I had to push harder to force even the smallest branches through it.

The owner’s manual says that when the blades get dull you should go buy some new ones right away. I admit that I’ll probably have to buy new blades at some time in the future, but two weeks after I bought the machine? Sounds like some major assholery to me.

I tried honing them on a whetstone and that worked okay, but they went dull again after just a day’s use, which really kinda torqued my nose because using a whetstone takes quite a bit of time. And that’s when I got the idea of using a bench grinder.

You can get them for forty bucks at most hardware stores, and once it’s powered up you can put a sharp edge on any cutting tool with just two or three careful passes. Not only is it easier, it puts an almost magically sharp edge on your yard tools. After I sharpened both sets of blades on the wood chipper I had to hold the big chunks back as I fed them into the throat of the thing! It wanted to snatch them right out of my hands. I let it grab one stick about as thick as my thumb, just to see what would happen, and the results were pretty spectacular, but not quite as explosive as I thought they might be.

Anyway, I finally finished up chipping every stick of wood from the lilac tree I could feed into the chipper, and it took only three hours. Nap time.

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