Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

It was a day of yard work …

After breakfast at the farmer’s market and a quick stop at the thrift store to see if there were any books I had to bring home (there weren’t, but My Darling B found a platter she absolutely had to have), we took time out to have one last cup of coffee before changing into our work clothes and heading into the yard to clean up the mess we made out there when we started our spring cleaning. It makes sense in a twisted kind of way.

I spent the better part of an hour hacking up branches with a bow saw and feeding them into a wood chipper before Tim stopped by, at his mother’s request, to help us tear down a retaining wall and rebuild it. The wall holding up her herb garden had shifted quite a bit during the winter until it looked as though it would fall over at the barest suggestion, so we took it apart, setting the hundred or so bricks to one side while we cut back the wall of dirt left behind, then re-stacked the bricks so they leaned into the dirt ever so slightly. With any luck at all, that should hold the herb garden back at least another year.

When we were done with that I asked Tim, “Wanna see our new power tool that can eat trees?” No guy can resist a suggestion like that. He followed me to the back yard like a lost puppy. I thought he would maybe say a few admiring words about the wood chipper, maybe play along and mulch a few branches, then take his leave, and when he disappeared into the house I was sure I was right, but he soon came back and said to me, “Mom told me I could use it, too.” Damn kid did an end-run without even bothering to give me the courtesy of saying no first.

So for the next hour or so I cut up yard waste into easy-to-handle bits while he fed them into the chipper, and you know I think he really liked it. He said he might have to get one for himself, which would be kind of odd and maybe even a little scary for a guy who lives in an apartment but I sincerely understand the way he feels about it. You don’t really, until you’ve had your own chipper.

He had to take off at about three o’clock so I finished up the few branches he left behind, then stretched out on the sofa to rest my eyes a bit while My Darling B mulched some leaves. Everybody’s got to get a little time on the chipper or the day’s just not complete.

When I woke, B was beside me on the sofa, googling one thing or another on her laptop, probably food or gardening, maybe both. I put my shoes back on, got out our new power mower and tried it out on the front lawn, which has been looking a little bit shaggy the past few days.

Our new mower is electric because yes, we are a couple of tree-hugging hippie weirdo freaks. And I have to say that, even if it’s not saving the earth, an electric mower is one hell of a lot better than one powered by a two-stroke engine because first of all it doesn’t weigh more than Godzilla. I can turn it around with a finger but I don’t have to because it’s got a flip-over handle and why don’t gas mowers have that anyway? See, there are two things I don’t miss about a gas mower and I’ve only cut the grass on the front lawn.

After mowing the front yard I called it quits. There’s just so much yard work a guy can tolerate in a day.

After cleaning up I ran to Bongo Video to rent a movie and came back with Zombieland, maybe the best zombie movie ever made, and we watched it while finishing off the better part of two ten-inch pizzas from Glass Nickel Pizza Company. Tim even came back to join in the festivities. Almost a perfect day.

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