Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

yard work, wood chipperIt’s an electric wood chipper and it can turn all our yard waste into garden mulch. Well, maybe most of it. Okay, some. Because if I wanted to shove all our yard waste into it I would have to use every spare minute from now until the snow flies again, and I don’t know how willing I am to devote even half that kind of time to garbage disposal.

Still, though, it’s a really cool toy, and we’ve always got plenty of twigs, branches and leaves to mulch at pretty much any time of the year. It’s always been a bit of a problem because although the city sends a truck around periodically to pick the stuff up, it never seems to come around when I really need it, and always seems to be there when I’m feeling especially lazy and wouldn’t pick up a pruning saw if you pointed an assault rifle at me. Literally.

We revved it up right after dinner this evening because we just brought it home from the store and, y’know, we couldn’t just let it sit there in the box, could we? Bolting the legs on was stupid easy. My Darling B wanted me to read the directions — as if! So she read the book while I bolted the legs on, and we were happily feeding junk wood into it about ten minutes later.

And we just happen to have plenty of twigs and branches on hand after I cut down the cedar out front and pruned the shit out of the lilac in the back yard. I jammed it almost right away by shoving the thickest branch I could find into the feeder. You don’t know until you try, right? After taking it apart and clearing the blades, I found I could grind even the thickest branch down to chips if I fed it in very slowly, and we soon filled a big yard bucket with lots of mulch. Fun!

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