Sunday, March 28th, 2010

December 10, 2009: A crazy powerful snowstorm hammers the Madison metro area:

snow, snowstorm, stormThe snow was heavy and wet. It clumped up on trees like badly-applied Christmas flocking and tore branches off all over town. The lilac in our back yard was quickly overwhelmed, but it wasn’t until a few weeks later that it became apparently how badly it was mangled by the heavy snowfall. Several of the thick, old-growth trunks were snapped clean off at about head-height, and just about all of the rest of the boughs were bent all the way to the ground.

yard workFlash-forward to today: Home owners all over Monona have been hacking broken, dead branches off the trees and bushes in their yards and piling them up along the curb. I cut down the big cedar in the front yard yesterday, with a lot of help from a neighbor with a chain saw, and today I hacked away at the big lilac in the back yard until it was a leaner version of its previous self.

I really had no idea how much dead wood I had cut off the body of the tree until I was finished and stopped to take a good look at the pile of branches that had built up in the middle of the back yard:

yard workHoly crap! That’s enough wood to make two more lilac bushes! I guess I probably let it get a little too overgrown.

skullI pulled this out of the lilac bush along with a big handful of dead wood.

skullSquirrel, I think.

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