Saturday, March 27th, 2010

yard workI spent the afternoon trimming branches off some of the bushes in the yard that got hammered pretty badly by the monster snowfall we had back in December. After having a look at the damage to the great big cedar in the front yard I figured it had to come down completely; the problem was, it was really a tree, not a bush. I don’t have the tools to cut down a tree.

I suppose it probably started life as a shrub, and maybe it remained a shrub for many years, but at some point it grew wildly out of control and it’s been a tree by virtue of its enormous size since before we moved in. It was about twenty feet tall and had a trunk that was probably a foot thick at its base. I’ve got a pruning saw and a bow saw. I might as well have tried to cut it down with a toenail clippers.

But I made a start of it by lopping off the broken branches I could reach, then stepping up onto a low branch and lopping off a few more, and so on until I had climbed about ten feet up into the branches and had managed to hack away just about all of the topmost branches.

yard workThis was about the time Harley showed up. Harley almost always comes over when I’m doing yard work to see what I’m up to and offer to help if he can. This often turns out well because Harley seems to collect chain saws the way I collect typewriters. As it turned out, he just bought a new one last weekend and seemed to be itching to try it out. “Did you want to cut the whole thing down?” he asked eagerly. Why yes, Harley, I believe I did.

So he went back to his place to break out his new toy. In the meantime, I trimmed off as many of the lower branches as I could to make it easier for him to get at the base of the monster. When he came back, it took him barely ten minutes to do what I would have needed a couple weeks of heart-pounding work to finish with my little bow saw. Harley is the coolest neighbor I believe I’ve ever had.

Once the beast was felled he cut the trunk into chunks about a foot long and advised me to stack them by the curb. “They usually disappear overnight when you do that,” he said.

yard work

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