Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Buzz Aldrin, who hoofed his way along the surface of the moon forty years ago, is trying out his moves on Dancing With The Stars.

I thought I might have heard about this the other day on the radio but figured it was just my tin ear picking up a name that sounded like “Buzz Aldrin,” because don’t they all, and then the space geek lobe of my brain tricking me into hearing what I wanted to hear, so I didn’t give it any more thought.

Then, this morning as I was checking out the funny pages over coffee, I noticed that the Seattle Post-Intelligencer was running photos of the latest round of Dancing With The Stars and my geek lobe kicked in again, so I clicked on the link and what do you know? There’s the rocket man himself. Can’t tell what kind of performance he turned in, but it looks like he’s having one hell of a good time.

Over at NPR’s pop culture blog Monkey See, blogger Linda Holmes says Aldrin danced like an old man (might be because he’s eighty years old) but I couldn’t judge for myself because I can’t use the flash player on their site (curse you, Flash Player!) so I found this really crappy video on YouTube — why does anybody even bother posting video this bad? I can’t tell if he’s doing a really good cha-cha or a really bad one. Still looks like he’s having a great time, though.

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