Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

My Darling B set her alarm clock to wake us at seven this morning so we could be among the first in line for the fund-raiser breakfast at the Dane County Farmer’s Market. A fabulous spread was planned and we love to support the market.

When B’s clock tried to bleep us awake, however, she shut it off, rolled over and we went back to sleep for an hour. Much as we love the market, it had been such a rough week that we just couldn’t make ourselves get up.

By the time we finally did get out of bed it was much too late. Hitting the farmer’s market for breakfast would have meant standing in line for thirty or forty minutes, so I offered to take B to Lazy Jane’s instead, after I perked a pot of java, of course.

I scarfed down a waffle smothered in syrup and garnished with a generous pile of banana slices and crushed walnuts. B ordered the potato pancake special, which came three to a plate and were big as bath mats. Bliss!

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