Monday, January 11th, 2010

Aha! I was right!

For years I’d listened to people tell me I should ditch the eyeglasses by letting the doctor shoot a laser into my eye, and the first thought that did not enter my head was, “Well, it must be safe or the doctors wouldn’t do it, right?” Because, y’know, they would have to shoot a laser into my eye!

The people who have had laser eye surgery but avoided side effects (bumping into walls, sandpaper eye, everybody looks like Frankenstein’s monster) were not sympathetic to my raving hysterics. “I don’t have any problems at all,” they would point out. To which I replied: “You were just lucky.”

And this morning I found out I was right! Hysterical, but right! I read over my cuppa joe this morning that not only is laser surgery a bad idea for a significant number of people who get it, the results haven’t even been clinically studied!

So get yourself a laser and tell the FDA you want to slice pieces off people. They’ll not only approve it, you’ll also make piles of money!

(You’ve got to click on the link, by the way, even if you’re not interested in the story. It’s accompanied by a wicked cool photo of what looks like eyeball torture.)

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