Christmas letter

We were supposed to be on our way to Mom’s place this morning to share a Christmas dinner with her, but the weather isn’t cooperating. Although yesterday we experienced what was very nearly a heat wave, the temp up to forty-six and rain melting all the snow we got last week, after the sun set and the snow started falling again the temperature plummeted to twenty-four degrees, turning every flat surface, such as roads, into snow-covered ice skating rinks.

Mom called just after supper to tell us Jim & Sue wouldn’t be making the trip, and after talking it over we agreed it wouldn’t be such a hot idea for us to make the attempt, either. It’s a three-hour drive on a good day. Weather like this could easily make it twice as long.

So we’ll be staying here this weekend, probably staying inside all day as temps have dropped into the teens. From what I understand, probably everybody in my family will be. I heard through my Mom that my brother, who lives in Texas and likes to brag on how good he’s got it down there in the winter, says that they had a white Christmas yesterday with temps in the twenties.

Christmas here in Our Humble O’Bode was about the most laid-back Christmas I think we’ve ever had. Tim didn’t come by the house until about nine-thirty, and Sean didn’t even get out of bed until Tim had been here a while and was threatening, very loudly, to go wake Sean up.

We didn’t exchange presents this year, even though we had a tree. B bought a bunch of stocking-stuffers for me and the boys, and I bought her a few trinkets for her stocking as well, but it was all over in about five minutes and we spent the rest of the day in various states of repose, lazing around the house reading or surfing the web. Mostly reading.

Our sumptuous Christmas repast was leg o’ lamb and mashed potatoes, with a pecan pie for dessert. After that we were too stuffed to play Risk, funnily enough, and we couldn’t decide on a movie, so we all ended up reading books until bedtime. Big change from the days when the boys rousted us out of bed at the crack of dawn and tore through the house all day long, playing with their new toys.

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