Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Japy typewriterI still haven’t discovered whether this is a Belorussian or Urkrainian typewriter. Or maybe it’s got enough characters on the keyboard to be either of those and a Russian typewriter.

Wherever it came from, this typewriter’s put on a lot of miles, and it wasn’t the most solidly-made typewriter in the first place. It’s got a fairly solid chassis and the design appears to be simple, but quite a lot of the parts are stamped sheet steel that have reached a point in their career when they’re going to start to fatigue and break …

Japy typewriter… such as the bracket that’s supposed to be holding this roller in place. It broke once already, many moons ago, and some very industrious tinkerer repaired it by soldering a piece of tin across the break, but the solder has failed and I’ll have to re-solder it or figure out another way to fix it, because it’s impossible to load paper in the machine without this roller, and if you can’t load paper into a typewriter it’s nothing more than an exotic paperweight.

Japy typewriterCoolest thing I found while I was taking it apart: “Krirkoviz” scratched his name into the underside of the cover. Previous owner? The guy who repaired it?

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