Friday, December 18th, 2009

Andy Rooney had the same affliction I have that makes me collect typewriters:

There were six Underwood #5 typewriters [in the newsroom] and two L.C. Smith typewriters. The Underwoods were my age, twenty-three, but had lived a harder life. Those old Underwoods were the best typewriters ever built – one of the best of anything ever built. Even when you weren’t writing anything interesting they were satisfying to pound on and I never outgrew my sentimental attachment to them. To this day, I have in my possession seventeen Underwood #5 typewriters and I’m reluctant to admit that I’m writing on a Toshiba T3200SX computer. I love my Underwoods but you can carry the gold old days too far. I wish Underwood had made the keyboard on my Toshiba. I’ll never have seventeen of these.

Underwood #5The Underwood #5 is the first typewriter I bought, making it the foundation of my collection of old typewriters. If there was ever a typewriter built to be the foundation of anything it’s the Underwood #5. It’s thirty-five pounds of cold iron and it’s about the size of a microwave oven. And Rooney’s got seventeen of them. Seventeen! You could anchor a battleship with seventeen Underwood #5s at the end of a long chain. Where does he even keep seventeen of them?

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