There seems to be a lot of talk in the media (social and otherwise) about the electors and how they can “save” us from Donald Trump.

I want this to be a nightmare I will somehow wake up from, too. I’d like to say I want to wake up from it *way more* than other people do, but from what I’ve seen and heard so far, a whole lot of people are already a lot worse off than I am as a result of partisan legislation and it’s just going to get worse. It may affect me eventually, but I’m not going to pretend I’ve got the shortest, shittiest end of the stick right now. Still, I wanna wake up tomorrow and find out it was all a bad dream and we’re somehow going to get four years of someone who’s not Donald Trump.

(I’d like to dream away a whole lot of the fossils in Washington, if we’re dreaming. I’d like to wake up to a legislature that is made up of a lot fewer narrow-minded, crotchety old men whose biggest concern is making sure their party stays in power, and a president who talks like Michelle Obama. If we’re dreaming.)

That said, I don’t believe for a moment that the electors are going to “save” us from Donald Trump, no matter who or how many emails or likes or retweets they get. I’ve heard it’s not unusual for one or two “faithless” electors to change their votes, but if anybody’s hanging their hopes on the idea that more than a few electors might not vote for Trump and that it would swing the election, well, I hate to be their wet blanket, but that’s what I’m best suited for, in this case. I understand they can vote for whomever they want, and I’ve read their very reason for existence is to prevent someone unfit for office from ascending to the presidency. Even so, I haven’t read or heard or seen any signs that a large enough number of them will be “faithless” to the expressed wishes of the general public to make any difference. If they don’t vote Trump into office today, I’ll be amazed.