Driving into town this morning I had to hit the brakes suddenly and all the ice and snow that had piled up on the roof came sliding down the windshield to almost completely block my view, not an idea situation to be in while driving along one of the busiest roads in Madison.

We’ve had quite a lot of snow fall in the past two or three days and because we haven’t been able to park the car in the garage, a layer of ice about half an inch thick built up on the roof, which was later covered by about three inches of snow. I could get most of the snow off when I cleaned off the car this morning, but the ice was too hard and stuck fast to the roof, but apparently the car warmed up enough as we drove it first to breakfast and then into town for the bond between the ice and the rooftop to loosen, leading up to the surprise and near-blinding I got later.

We can’t park our car in the garage because the guys who are installing the new siding on our little red house have parked a dumpster in the driveway where they toss demolished lumber and scraps of siding. Our car has to sit all by its lonesome self at the end of the driveway in the blowing snow.


Somebody’s been modding his scooter: I first caught sight of the rear quarter of this scooter and the first thought that came to mind was, How can that be street legal? Most of the body appears to be missing and several key parts, such as the rack and, I think, the rear light have been strapped in place with duct tape, as any self-respecting guy would do if his light fell off and he had to find a reliable way to re-fasten it.

So naturally I stopped to snap a few photos and, when I moved around to take a shot of the forward quarter I saw this. Pretty classy, eh? Ordinarily I’d make fun of any motorized vehicle in such an advanced state of decay, but in this case I want to applaud the owner for keeping up with the parts that are falling off by replacing them with even better parts. This is not just a scooter mod, this is a work of art in progress. I hope I catch sight of it again in a few months to see how it’s coming along.