We’re going on a ski trip in January to Moya with the Mogul Mashers, a ski club here on Misawa Air Base. Another organization called Outdoor Recreation also sponsors ski trips, and we’re going to try them too, so we have some basis for comparison. Outdoor Rec will bus us to the site and back, and supply all the ski equipment, for a bargain-basement price. The Mogul Mashers don’t provide equipment, but will provide insurance, transportation to and from, breakfast on the bus outbound, wine & cheese on the return trip, and a stop at an onsen, or hot bath, after skiing. Sounds pretty spiffy. The price is a little steep but, as I say, I wanted to try it for comparison, so I figured we’d splurge on the membership and a couple trips with the Mogul Mashers this year and see how it works out.

We’ve still got snow here, although quite a bit has melted away by now. The weather squadron is saying we should get another big storm this weekend, but they’re always saying that. An interesting side-effect of the heavy snow is that all the buildings on base are so poorly insulated that the snow on the roof melts away instantly and icicles as big as telegraph poles come crashing down off the eaves. Our quarters have an overhang in back that the icicles hit so hard it sounds like a freeway accident involving lots of trucks carrying empty garbage cans.