Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

The Madison Food and Wine Show was a tad disappointing this year. There didn’t seem to be as much food to sample, and neither My Darling B nor I thought that any of the wines we tasted were especially remarkable. There was lots of cheese kibbled and set out to try – this is Wisconsin, after all – but in years past there has also been a plethora of booths where restaurants and vendors set out samples of meats and other noshies, and we discovered lots of local sources for good food that way. This year, not so much.

The wines seemed especially disappointing. Between us, we sampled lots of different wines, and although we found many that we liked, neither one of us had that “Oh, you’ve got to try this!” moment as we have before. Maybe we somehow managed to sample only the mediocre wines, skipping past the really knockout offerings. We bought two bottles of red wine on the way out, and that was it.

Worst thing about the Food and Wine Show: My bottom went rooty-toot-toot all night after we got back home. But that’s really my fault, not the show’s. Last year, I forgot to take my lactase pills with me, so I had to be very careful about how much cheese I ate. This year I remembered the pills and made the mistake of eating all the cheese I wanted. The pills help, but they don’t make me bulletproof. Not that I felt too bad about stinking up the house – some other people were having a little trouble with their digestion, too.

Even so, an afternoon spent sampling wine and noshing on cheese is a fine day out.

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