The bus pulled into the Dutch Mills parking lot right on time at 9:45, and Sean was the first one off. It was still so hot that we sat in the car to wait for him, getting out only to welcome him with a big hug before scampering back into the car.

His first natural impulse when we got home was to feed. His mom told him he could eat anything in the fridge except the stuff in the paper boxes, our leftovers from dinner that we were saving for lunch the next day. Almost as soon as he set on his food, I was getting ready for bed. It was well past the usual time I hit the hay. I’m pretty sure B turned in shortly after me, but I don’t remember it.

Sean treated me to Big Head Burrito for lunch today (real name: LaBamba’s, not nearly as catchy; our name comes from their motto, “Burritos As Big As Your Head!” They’re not far off), and then he got on his mom’s bike and headed into town to hang with his friends. I considered riding into town with him for the fun of racing with him, but after spending just five minutes in the hundred-degree heat outside adjusting his mother’s bike I put that thought right out of my head and satisfied myself instead with relaxing in the air-conditioned comfort of Our Humble O’Bode.