I had a song stuck in my head all day long and for once it didn’t make me want to chew my own leg off to escape it.

The song was “Photograph” by Def Lepard, and not the whole song, just the chorus. It kept playing over and over. I couldn’t stop it. But at least it was taking the place of the song that had been stuck in my head for two freaking weeks. All day long I was happily humming the chorus from “Photograph” and thinking, Thank goodness that’s over!

More More More

My earworm for the past friggin week, maybe even longer than that, has been “More, More, More” by The Andrea True Connection. Where the hell did that come from? I didn’t like that song when it was popular, I never had a copy of the single or the album, nobody ever plays it on the radio stations that I listen to, where the hell did that come from? Is it just a random misfire of the brain cell that’s been remembering every single goddam word of the song all these years? Maybe it’s a stroke symptom? Early onset of Alzheimer’s?

Like any good little earworm, it has stubbornly refused to go away no matter how much music of any kind I listen to. I was playing big band and swing music all yesterday afternoon, yet last night I heard Andrea True cooing in my inner ear once again. It will not die.

Sidebar: Although I’m able to remember every single goddam word of the song, not that it’s a huge challenge, I would never in a million years have recalled who recorded it without the amazing power of the interwebs. All I had to do was key in the words to the chorus, and when I did that I learned not only everything I would ever need to know about Andrea True, I also found out the song has been re-recorded by every dance song diva on the UK charts. The Brits just can’t get enough of that song. I wish I could give them the never-ending loop that’s stuck in my head.