Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Next week, the Dane County Farmer’s Market returns to cap square, so this morning was the last time we could go for breakfast because they only serve while they’re in their winter quarters at the senior center on Mifflin Street. I was sort of hoping for waffles or a big pile of pancakes, but I would’ve been happy with a thick slab of ham and some scrambled eggs. Something simple, filling, and very much plain old farmer food.

I guess they wanted to go out with a bang, though, because they served cheese blintzes, a big pile of greens and veggie hash made from carrots and yams. The cheese blintz was way outside my system’s capacity to handle dairy. They were stuffed full of so much gooey cheese that I could’ve gobbled down a whole bottle of lactase pills and I still would’ve exploded like thousand pounds of gunpowder drenched in gasoline. B tried to save it for later by wrapping it up in a napkin. I forgot to check on it when we got it home; I’m pretty sure it’ll end up a wad of cheese and dough and paper toweling at the bottom of the kitchen wastebasket.

The veggie hash was surprisingly good but the one little dollop I got didn’t make much of a breakfast. Luckily there was plenty of salad. I ate every leaf and stem and wanted more, but there are no seconds, so I tried to satisfy the last of my cravings by wolfing down the dry little cookie they gave us for dessert. Didn’t work. Had to supplement my breakfast with a cookie from Batch Bake House on the way home.

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Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

It was lunchtime, and I needed lactase. You have oceans of it swirling around in your gut, but mine well’s gone comparatively dry. Without it, I’m powerless to digest milk products. And there I was, and there was my lunch, a bowl of yummy home-cooked turkey and wild rice soup made with half-and-half. A shot of that stuff in my stomach and I’m off like a moon rocket.

So I put my boots on and hiked a couple blocks up the street to the co-op where I can usually buy a bottle of the really good stuff. I don’t know what makes one lactase product different from another. I assume they’ve all got lactase in similar amounts, and I usually take two or three pills anyway; the concentration shouldn’t make a difference. For whatever reason, though, the pills they have at the co-op let me eat mountains of cheese, cream and anything else that comes out of a cow. Almost anything else.

They were fresh out of the good stuff, though, and they had nothing else on the shelf I could use as a stand-in. Fortunately, there was a pharmacy down the block, coincidentally on the way back to the office. I popped in and got some emergency back-up lactase.

That stuff proved the lie that all lactase is the same. My tailpipe’s been rumbling like a dragster ever since. Note to self: Stick with the stuff they sell at the co-op.

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