And, in the blink of an eye, the weekend was over.

For the first time in months we slept in late Saturday morning – didn’t get out of bed until almost eight o’clock! What a couple of hedonists we can be! After we’d cleared the cobwebs from our heads with a couple cups of coffee, we went to Crema Cafe, a local coffee house, for brunch and some more coffee. I’d never been before – well, years ago I had, but it had a different name then and was a lot smaller. Whoever is running the place now managed to buy up the place next door, knock out the wall and make a very cozy little cafe that serves quite a tasty fungus scramble.

After we got home, I went into brewing mode: Looked up a recipe on the web for a basic red ale, made a list, and hit the road to Brew & Grow, the local brewing supplies store. And, because it’s a natural law that all the trips I make for supplies have to come in twos, I made another trip back about a half-hour later when I was unpacking my supplies and realized I’d forgotten to buy the yeast. Can’t make beer without yeast.

I boiled up the brew on the patio with a beer in hand while B pulled weeds in her garden. Her hobby: Pulling weeds in the hot sun. My hobby: Drinking beer. That, in a nutshell, is why I don’t garden.

But I help her garden from time to time. Yesterday, we were both tearing down the chicken wire fence, digging trenches between the fence posts and tacking up fresh, new fencing, made of galvanized hardware cloth this time. We meant to buy galvanized chicken wire last time, but we must not have been paying attention on one of the trips we made to the store because about half of it rusted away, leaving gaping holes big enough for black bears to amble through. I double- and triple-checked the labels on the hardware cloth to make sure it was all galvanized, so rust shouldn’t be a problem this time.

Finally, yesterday afternoon I grilled burgers. And that was the weekend.