Saturday, May 14th, 2011

We went to Bunky’s Cafe for dinner on Friday the 13th because we couldn’t come up with another place we wanted to visit that wasn’t already booked solid. We didn’t used to have any trouble booking reservations at Peppino’s, but that was largely because they didn’t take reservations more than a day in advance and I worked right across the street, so I’d walk over there right after work and be one of the first reservations on the book.

But Peppino’s is gone now, sadly, and Nostrano, the restaurant that took its place, doesn’t have the same reservation policy. When we called on Wednesday they were booked until after eight o’clock and we didn’t want to eat that late, so I suggested Lombardino’s. We’d eaten there last summer and liked it quite a lot, but when B phoned them it turned out they were booked until doomsday, too!

And we found out why: This is graduation weekend. Everybody and his mother – literally! – is in town to send the grads off in style with dinner at a local restaurant. We were lucky to get a table in Bunky’s at such short notice. Not that we were settling; we like Bunky’s quite a lot, but for our Friday the 13th celebration we like to have frou-frou cocktails before the meal and Bunky’s didn’t serve any, so Bunky’s is out for our next Friday the 13th.

On the up side, we didn’t spend half as much as we usually dropped at Peppino’s. The tradition that kept us going back there cost us at least a hundred bucks each time, but the menu and the frou-frou drinks made it worthwhile. Oh, and the company, of course. Can’t spend too much on My Darling B.

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