Friday, June 11th, 2010

Among the leafy greens My Darling B is growing in her fantastical garden is the leafy, lettuce-like plant known to the frou-frou organic crowd as arugula. Everybody makes fun of it, probably because you sound like an old-timey car horn when you say it. Ah ROO gyue lah!

In England the same plant is known as rocket. I don’t know why. It doesn’t give me gas and make smoke and fire come out my exhaust. Now, why would you call it arugula if you could call it rocket instead? Rocket is a much cooler name. Granted, it’s a lot more fun to say ah ROO gyue lah if you’re into sound effects, but that only works if you get to ask your grocer for it from time to time. If you’re just growing it in your garden you don’t get many chances to say it out loud, so it would be way cooler to have some rocket in your garden. That’s what we’re calling it from now on.

ahROOgyulah | 7:22 pm CDT
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