Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Did you know you can order pizza on line now, just like you can order computer parts from New Egg or books from Amazon? Well, maybe you can’t, but we can. T-Dawg came over for dinner last Saturday night and, just to switch things up a bit, he treated us to dinner, instead of the other way around, with pizza from Glass Nickel. B went to look up the menu on line and it turned out to be interactive. She could choose pizza size and customize toppings with clickable pull-down menus, and she could even track the progress of our order. Too much fun! She put in the orders, then kept checking up on it while we sat around shooting the shit. When it seemed to be taking an awful long time for them to prepare our pizza, B reviewed our order and discovered she hadn’t clicked on the “submit order” button. Oops.

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Saturday, July 17th, 2010

image of pizza on bicycle seat

Pizza on a bike seat. Just in case you were hungry.

We’ve seen plenty of oddities on the way to the farmer’s market, but every so often we see something just a notch above the usual weirdness that we have to stop, look and think about it for just a few moments longer than we normally would. This was one of those times.

This slice of pizza was still waiting on the bicycle seat when we walked back to our car forty-five minutes later, so it wasn’t something the owner set down for just a sec while he ducked into the nearby Gotham New York Bagels store (Shameless plug: try the sausage & egg bagel!) for a cold soft drink to go with his early-morning snack.

We had to assume it had been left there quite some time earlier, perhaps even the night before, although now that I think about it the squirrels probably would have gotten to it by morning, so forget I even suggested that. But it had clearly been forgotten. There was no one around, and it was there for at least an hour.

I really wanted to grab it, take a bite and put it back on the seat, just to see what would happen. Would the owner pop out from his hiding place to ask me what the hell I thought I was doing? Would a passer-by flip open his cell phone to report me to the police for erroneous consumption in the first degree? Would the pizza turn out to be made of rubber, and I’d end up in a YouTube video compilation of dozens of random dopes just like me biting into a slice of left-behind stale pizza?

It was a momentary impulse that passed rather quickly. I’m thinking the only reaction I’d get would be a violent case of food poisoning, and I didn’t want that very much, so I contented myself with snapping the photo and continuing on to the farmer’s marked with My Darling B.

Pizza on a Bike Seat | 5:08 pm CDT
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