Monday, September 2nd, 2013

five dollar billAt the grocery store the other day, I walked in just as a guy was backing a shopping cart out of the rack and passing it to his daughter, who appeared to be about five years old. “There you go,” he told her, “get all the germs off.” The little girl obliged by taking a wet wipe from the dispenser at the front door and giving the handle of the cart a few swipes before she lost her hold on it, allowing the wet wipe to fall to the floor. She quickly picked it up and resumed wiping. So, not as germ-free as dad had hoped.

A little later I spotted the same little girl sitting in the fold-out chair of the shopping cart while her dad ordered from the meat counter. The little girl was chewing on the corner of a five-dollar bill. I can only guess that her germ-hating dad had been looking for something that would distract her long enough for him to talk with the butcher, so he gave her a bill that only several thousand other people stuffed in their sweaty hip pockets, slapped on top of sloppy restaurant tables or bars and otherwise fondled with their unwashed hands. The irony was piling up fast.

fiver | 7:28 am CDT
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