Monday, November 15th, 2021

I spent most of the day trying to talk myself out of paying any attention at all to the caffeine headache that had been banging away at my brains since yesterday afternoon. Couldn’t quite do it, so after a light snack I hunted through the medicine cabinet for the bottle of migraine capsules I almost never touch and swallowed one, washing it down with a pint of water. Didn’t seem to have any effect until about four hours later when I realized my head wasn’t pounding any more.

I didn’t have a caffeine headache because I drank too much coffee this morning; I had a headache because I hadn’t drunk any coffee since Saturday morning, and the reason for that was, I had been drinking too much coffee before that. I had trained myself to drink two or three mugs of coffee every morning as a matter of routine and if I didn’t, I got headaches bad enough to remind me to drink more coffee, which really sucked. And so, I decided day before yesterday to stop.

I still had a cup of black tea this morning, so I was not completely caffeine-free, but my brains (or whatever it is inside me that has to have caffeine) were not happy at all with such a small, token amount and told me so in no uncertain terms. I had another cup of tea with my snack but by that time I was not even trying to kid myself that the hair of the dog might make me feel better, or I would not have gone looking for the painkillers.

I’m feeling better this evening (unless that’s the painkiller still doing its thing) and am even feeling good enough that I’m starting to hope to get a good night’s sleep tonight.

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