Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

I don’t think My Darling B will be getting up any earlier than she has to this morning. Her alarm is usually set for something like five-fifty, and on occasion she will get up ten or twenty minutes earlier just to enjoy my sparkling company and a hot cuppa joe, but sometimes she will hit the snooze alarm repeatedly and get up only when there is barely time left to gulp her coffee before she has to hit the shower. I get the feeling that this morning will be one of those mornings. Last night, while I was on the way to visit the bathroom at an unknown hour because I don’t stop to look at a clock when I already know it’s time to head straight for the head, I noticed her sitting up on the sofa, reading a book. I thought about plopping my butt down and commiserating with her when I was done but I still felt drowsy and I didn’t want to break the spell, so back to bed. In our house we take our insomnia in shifts; sometimes I have the late shift, and sometimes she does.

shiftwork | 5:46 am CST
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