Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

Sean is flying in tonight to stay with us for Thanksgiving. His plane will be landing some time around eleven o’clock, which means B won’t bring him home from the airport until maybe around midnight, which means I probably won’t see him because I woke up shortly after three o’clock this morning and haven’t gotten any sleep since then. I can barely keep my eyes open to type these words. When I’m done here, I’ll stretch out on the recliner with a book, will probably fall asleep after re-reading the same page a dozen times and won’t wake up until My Darling B emerges from the bedroom where she’s trying to catch a few winks because she woke up at about the same time I did. We’re mutually insomniac now.

If I wake up when she gets up, I’ll switch places with her, curl up under the quilts and try to sleep at least another two or three hours, maybe even as many as four. Or, I may lie awake for an hour or so until they get home, say what the hell and go talk to Sean for a while, then crawl off to bed when they all call it quits and lie awake for the rest of the night because that’s how my nights have been going lately. Just before the sun comes up, B will take me to work, where I’ll drink forty-two cups of tea made from PG Tips tea bags, because there’s no other tea on the planet as dark and strongly fortified with caffeine as PG Tips. Or I’ll just say screw it and fall asleep on my keyboard. Let you know tomorrow.

face dive | 7:17 pm CST
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