Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

My daylight savings time story: I woke up yesterday morning while it was still dark and just a minute or two before the clock in the front room went bong – half-past the hour, but which hour? Thanks to insomnia, I was still awake a half-hour later when I heard the clock strike four. And I was still awake a half-hour after that to hear it strike half-past again. That’s when I gave up, got out of bed and made myself a pot of coffee.

I was expecting a repeat this morning, which was why I was startled to open my eyes and see first light breaking through the slats of the Venetian blinds of our bedroom window. My clock said it was almost seven-thirty – I expected to be wide awake, filled with hot coffee and banging out the last line of some new drivel by this time! Time’s a-wasting!

Then I remembered that we fall back this morning; It’s not seven-thirty, it’s really six-thirty! But by extension, that means I woke up the day before at two-thirty. Or something like that.

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