Friday, August 22nd, 2014

I think I get ribs now. I used to wonder why other people made all that fuss over them. Gristly, mostly bone, dripping with sauce that got all over your face and hands. What’s the big deal? I couldn’t figure it out, so I haven’t bothered with ribs for, um, decades? I can’t recall the last time I ate ribs.

Well, I can, actually. It was last weekend. We brought a rack of ribs home from the butcher on a whim. We were looking for something different to grill and that was something I’d never tried to cook. B said she was thinking of a sauce, and that was all the excuse we needed.

I cooked it over a low fire on the grill. B made a cherry sauce that I slathered on as thickly as I could without using a trowel. When I set it on the table after two hours of cooking, it smelled so good. We made a huge mess of our hands and faces gnawing on them until there was nothing but bone and gristle left. And I ate quite a lot of the gristle, just because the sauce made it that good. So maybe I won’t wait years to try it again.

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