Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

I’m not 100% sure, but I think the furnace has been running all day. It doesn’t run non-stop: It starts with a sound like a jet engine winding up, some kind of a ventilation fan, I think, that’s supposed to keep gas from building up in the flue. The burners kick in after a minute or two and the furnace fan starts cranking out the heat almost immediately after. It runs like that for maybe five to ten minutes. Then the burners shut down while the fan milks every last little BTU it can from the heating elements and, when there isn’t any more heat to be wrung out of the system, the fan winds down and there’s a moment of silence until the cycle starts all over again.

I heard it running every time I woke up in the night, which didn’t seem at all unusual. Temps were below zero last night and are supposed to be below zero again tonight, so I expect I’ll hear the furnace fan again every time I wake up to turn over. Today, though, when temps climbed to a balmy twelve degrees, I thought the furnace might pause for a breather now and then, but so far I haven’t noticed a pause in the cycle.

I don’t think it’s going to catch a break any time soon, either. The forecast for our neck of the woods calls for sub-freezing temps over the next three days. I guess I’d better get used to the sound of the furnace running incessantly.

heating cycle | 3:46 pm CST
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