Friday, November 29th, 2013

While pouring gallons of coffee down my neck this morning, I ran through the long list of frivolous things I could do with my day off, but kept coming back to one non-frivolous thing that’s been crying for my attention since the end of summer: clean up the basement.

In particular, the corner of the basement where I keep all the tools, powered and otherwise. It’s become all but unusable because of the clutter:

basement workshop

I totally suck at putting things away when I’m done with them. Also, a lot of things doing have an “away” where I can put them. A lot of my power tools, for instance. I just set them down wherever I used them last, resulting in a lot of cussing the next time I go looking for them. Lately, I’ve been setting them on a stack of black steel shelves I dragged out of another corner of the basement and that’s been working out pretty well for me.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any place to put the steel shelves, so it’s been standing in what used to be a walkway, which kept me from getting to the shop vac, so sawdust started to drift on the floor and cobwebs gathered along the walls. It was getting pretty nasty.

So instead of friveling away the day, I put on some work clothes and tromped into the basement to do battle with the mess. First job: move the heavy walnut table I use as a work bench over to the left wall, but before I could do that, I had to take down the pegboard and replace it. I don’t like pegboard much. It’s one of those things that seems like a good idea until you have to use it. Those little hangers pop out and go skittering across the floor about half the time I grab a tool, so I replaced it with a sheet of three-eights inch plywood. I’ll make my own hangers out of the scrap wood I keep tripping over and screw them tightly to the plywood.

Then I cleaned up the mess on the floor before dragging the walnut table across the room. And there was quite a mess, mostly sawdust but plenty of other odds & ends: bits of wire, torn packaging, stray nuts and bolts, splinters of wood and plenty of other stuff I couldn’t identify. If it looked like it might be useful, I saved it; everything else went into the garbage.

With the walnut table finally moved, I could work on sweeping and vacuuming the other half of the room. More sawdust, more bits of who knows what. I had to empty the dust can once already and will have to empty it again before the day’s done. Ten gallons. That’s a lot of dust.

After almost four hours of sweeping, vacuuming and shuffling stuff around, it looked a little better, but I’ve still got a ways to go.

basement work shop

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