Thursday, November 28th, 2013

suesslikeI started to type “Why does 68 degrees feel cold in the winter and warm in the summer?” I got only as far as “why does” when the spirit of Dr. Suess furnished me with this page out of Green Eggs and Ham, if Green Eggs and Ham had included a page where Sam-I-Am wanders the aisles of Walgreen’s in search of feminine hygiene products and a do-it-yourself Clairol hair care dye kit.

I continued my search after snapping a screen shot. I found all sorts of explanations. All of them made some kind of sense, and all of them contradicted each other, so I still don’t know why 68 degrees feels colder in the winter than it does in the summer, but I did find out why the house was actually colder today: The thermostat is programmed to let the house cool down to 64 degrees after seven o’clock on weekday mornings, because we’re on our way to work by then. It didn’t know we weren’t at work because today is a holiday.

interrogative | 8:09 am CDT
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