Friday, October 11th, 2013

“Did the goat who was a man turn into a goat in your house?” my mother asked me just before the alarm clock woke me up. It was such a lucid dream that the sound of the alarm zapped me out of sleep like an electric shock.

The rest of the dream slowly came back to me as I stood under a hot shower.

Right before I sat down at the breakfast table with Mom, where she asked me about the goat man, I was in my bedroom peeing into my shoe because my baby brother was using the bathroom. In real life, my brother’s just three years younger than I am, but in the dream he was a baby, not more than a year old, and he was trying to get the lid of the toilet open. “Excuse me,” he said. “I’ve really got to go. You’ll have to find another place to go.” So I went into my bedroom and, since there wasn’t anything else to use, I took off my shoe and peed in that.

Just before the shoe peeing, my brother and I were in a big red truck that we were trying to drive down a short flight of steps and around a tight corner in a farmyard. The corner was too tight and there was a low brick wall right at the corner, so we got out of the truck and were discussing how we might demolish it when the farmer came into the yard, grabbed a corner of the wall and pulled it back like a blanket. It was a blanket. And the heap of manure behind it was a bed. And the farmyard was a big, dark room with a high ceiling where he was apparently going to milk some cows because he brought a milking machine into the room after pulling all the blankets of manure off the floor. My brother turned into Tim and we sat on the blankets and waited for the milking to begin. It never did. Then I had to pee, and that’s when I peed in my shoe.

And just before that, I was on a beach, freezing my butt off. Everyone else on the beach seemed to think it was a beautiful day, but it wasn’t. It was cloudy and dark and cold and slightly rainy. They all wanted to frolic in the sand and waves and for a while I played along, but when I thought I’d put up with that long enough I took a long, hot shower in the beach house, then got in the big red truck and got the hell out of there. And drove to England. That’s where the farm was. The roads were very narrow and the truck was very big and I was having trouble getting to the farm until my brother appeared in the truck and told me how to get to the farm.

What happened before the beach? That never came back to me.

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