Saturday, August 31st, 2013

Bonkers the Pirate CatA small mammal ran through the rain gutter at about three o’clock this morning. I assume it was a mammal, anyway. Wasn’t a lizard. Could’ve been a bird, I suppose, but it ran awfully fast when it hit the corner of the house like a bomb, rolled into the gutter and ran all the way down to the other end. Squirrel was the first thing I thought of.

Then the air conditioning kicked in and I laid there listening to the duct work pop and moan as it contracted in the rush of cold air coming up the main trunk. It ran for about five minutes. More groaning duct work as it slowly warmed up again to room temperature.

The clock on the wall above my bedside bookcase ticked. It ticks every other second. I counted.

I grabbed the copy of A Mencken Chrestomathy off the bookcase as I rolled out of bed at three-thirty and headed for the recliner in the living room. Snapping the light on woke Bonkers, who had been asleep on the sofa. He got up and stretched as I opened the book at the marker and started reading, and he slowly made his way across the room while I got through a couple paragraphs of some of the most bitingly sarcastic writing ever composed.

I sat reading until about four-thirty, first Mencken, then blogs until I felt drowsy enough to try hitting the hay once again, feeling my way through the murk while Bonkers followed behind. Stretched out on the bed, I was slowly drifting off to sleep when Bonkers discovered there was a mouse in the room, chased it under a piece of furniture and crouched there, snorfling furiously at it for at least fifteen minutes. I didn’t bother getting up to investigate. Let him catch it, I figured.

The sniffing subsided and there was relative calm for maybe fifteen or twenty minutes. I think I dozed off. Then the mouse made a move to escape, Bonkers gave chase and the furious snorfling began again after he trapped it under another immovable piece of furniture. He tried to squeeze under it but I don’t think he could. Much more huffing and puffing, then silence.

I dozed …

At about five-thirty, the mouse finally bet it all and ran for freedom, with Bonkers the Pirate Cat (his full name) in hot pursuit. Judging from the sounds of struggle, followed by a rough-and-tumble that could only have been made by a cat geeking out over a new plaything, the mouse lost the bet.

I gave up trying to get back to sleep at six, even though the house stopped creaking, the cats settled down and my brain gave up nagging me with random thoughts. Make the coffee, drink the coffee, be the coffee and ye shall get through the morning. There’s always nap-time at midday.

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