Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

A man walks into a bar and orders a martini.

And the bartender asks him, “Any preference of vodka?”

The man walks out.

This is not a joke. It’s what you do if you cross paths with a bartender – a bartender, for shit’s sake! – who thinks a martini is made with vodka.

The man, not incidentally, was chef and writer Michael Ruhlman, so we’re not talking about just another martini snob. Okay, he is, by definition, a martini snob, but he’s got more qualifications for having an opinion about it than most people. So when he Mr. Ruhlman says, “The “vodka martini” should be referred to as a Kangaroo, “vodkatini,” or as one Twitterer suggested Lousy-tini,” you should take note.

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