Sunday, June 30th, 2013

With about fifteen minutes between chores this morning, I started folding clothes from a basket that’s been sitting on the floor in our bedroom all week, a common-enough sight in our house. We can wash clothes like the pros, we’re just not so good at folding them or putting them away. Sometimes we go a whole week picking shirts and underpants to wear out of a basket of unfolded clothes. Yeah, we live like a couple of frat kids.

I was only going to fold up the t-shirts so they wouldn’t wrinkle. I like folding t-shirts. I can grab one by the hem, give it a twirl in the air to flatten it out, catch it by the hem and fold it into quarters in no time. I’d folded up nearly a dozen t-shirts when I noticed a distinctly musky aroma coming from the one that was twirling in the air before my face. Catching it, I pressed it against my schnozz and took a deep whiff. Gahhh!

I picked up the basket, leaned in close and took another whiff. Double-gahhh! Those were not clean clothes.

So much for trying to be productive.

what’s that smell? | 11:16 am CDT
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