Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

I’m up in the middle of the night because I can’t stop thinking about work. Is there a worst-case case of insomnia worse than that? No. No, there’s not. You can’t make me believe there is. I won’t listen.

When I woke up, I promised myself I wasn’t going to look at the clock. This is really very easy for me to do because the first thing I did when I bought that clock was tape a flap of cardboard over the face. It’s got one of those green LED readouts that’s way too bright and there’s no way to dim it. I don’t know why they even make clocks like that. I guess because some people can sleep with bright green lights blazing on them all night long. Some people can, but not me.

To check the time, I have to roll all the way over to the side of the bed, reach my bare arm out from the warmth and comfort of the quilt, feel around on top of the nightstand for the clock, find the flap and flip it out of the way. It’s so insanely complicated for poor little somnolent me to do in the middle of the night that I practically never do it.

And I didn’t tonight, either, at least not right away. I laid there wide-awake for more than a half-hour before I checked. I know it was at least a half-hour because I heard the clock in the living room chime once. That really bugged me, because I was pretty sure it was after one o’clock, but then I had to know, so I flipped up the flap. One-thirty. So I was right, but the answer sucked.

To take my mind off work I cuddled up beside My Darling B and tried to think only happy thoughts, which is not surprisingly very easy to do with my arm wrapped around the love of my life. Then I would begin to drift off to sleep, my mind would wander, and I’d end up thinking about work again. I could put up with that only two or three times before I finally called it quits and got out of bed.

So it’s going to be a coffee day, all day long. Coffee coffee coffee.

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