Saturday, May 11th, 2013

image of our goddamn laundry hamperSo, this is our goddamn laundry hamper. I used to think of it as our magical laundry hamper because, no matter how much we took out of it to stuff into the wash machine, when we came back it was still just as full as before. But that’s not magical, is it? “Magical” is fun. Washing clothes forever is not fun. So over time I’ve come to think of this as our goddamn laundry hamper.

I took a photo of our goddamn laundry hamper so I could perform a little experiment: I’m going to liveblog the O-laundry. Really. It’s the internet, people. You know there’s stuff out there that’s as bad or worse than this, so I don’t even want to hear your flames.

So this is the goddamn laundry hamper on day one, full of more clothes that two people can possibly wear in a week, or at least that’s my story and we’re going to find out if I can stick to it. Shortly after I took this photo, I sorted the darks from everything else and stuffed as much of the darks into the wash machine as it could hold. That’s one load done. Hoping to wash at least two more loads today. Watch this space.

goddamn laundry hamper | 8:27 am CDT
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