Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

snore snoringIf you thought you heard someone snoring in your house last night, it was probably me. Even if there’s someone in your household who snores, my nose was stuffed up so badly that, more likely than not, I was overpowering them. My snoring was cranked up all the way to eleven last night. I’m pretty sure that astronauts on the space station woke up in the middle of the night wondering what that noise was.

I even woke myself up a couple times. The first time, at three o’clock, my nose was so stuffy I could hardly breathe and I laid there gasping like a fish for five minutes or so because I was too stubborn to get out of bed at that hour. I thought about trying to sleep sitting up in the recliner, but the bed was so warm and I didn’t want to get up, dammit! So I rolled over to the right and, about five minutes later, the left half of my sinuses cleared just enough to let me breathe. I must have fallen asleep shortly after, because I woke myself up again at around four.

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