Saturday, November 24th, 2012

I was up very early this morning. I’m always up very early. I set my alarm for five o’clock when I have to be up on week days but only for backup. I usually wake up before it goes off.

I’m not entirely happy about this. It’s not something I would consider a hidden talent. It’s more like there’s something seriously wrong inside my head to wake me up at that insane hour of the day. My brain clicks on and won’t stop thinking. If it were thinking deep thoughts, like coming up with a plan for world peace, or calculating pi to the trillionth digit, I wouldn’t mind, but it’s usually replaying a line of dialog I heard in a television show, or obsessing over a crossword puzzle clue I couldn’t solve.

Inane mental doodling, is what my brain’s doing. Sometimes I just lie there and let it. The bed’s so warm and comfy that I curl up and promise myself I can go back to sleep if I don’t get up. Mental doodling is what dreams are supposed to be, after all. I should be able to morph those doodles into their sleepy-time equivalent. It never happens.

My plan this morning was to lie there, wide awake, for at least an hour and listen to B breathe in and out, not an unpleasant way to pass the time. It was a good plan, but when I heard one of the cats knocking stuff off the kitchen counter I had to get up to see what was broken.

The cats were both in the kitchen when I turned on the lights and they both slinked under the table very guiltily, but I didn’t find anything broken. Probably they were in the sink, looking for a few tasty morsels to lick off the plates stacked in it. I dished out some food for them. Then, bowing to the inevitable, I made a pot of coffee. So much for the comfy bed.

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