Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

We started watching Mad Men last weekend. The first thing I wanted to know about the show was how they kept Don Draper’s five o’clock shadow permanently set between 4:45 and 5:15. This is the kind of question that buzzes around in my head while I’m supposed to be enjoying the dialogue. How’d you like to be the makeup artist whose job depends on making sure John Hamm’s face is always just the right shade of blue? I’ll bet that’s a challenging job. To say nothing of tiring.

It’s got to be a makeup job. B started watching while she was folding laundry and I was downstairs building shelves. I jumped into the show in the middle, so I had to double back to watch all of episode one. Draper went from wearing what almost looked like blackface in episode three to a face that was pink as a baby’s bottom in episode one. No shadow! I asked The Mighty Google to explain, but so far all I’ve found are adoring blog posts that go on and on about what a handsome guy Jon Hamm is. Not a word about how they make him look like that. Almost looks like they dusted his face with gunpowder.

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