Friday, September 14th, 2012

The library finally notified me the other day that disk two of the second season of Sherlock was waiting for me to pick it up, which we did on our way home after work yesterday. Watched it right after dinner.

The first episode on the disk was The Reichenbach Fall, the BBC’s adaptation of The Final Problem, Arthur Conan Doyle’s attempt to kill off Sherlock Holmes so he could write other, more serious litrahchah. The Beeb changed things around just a bit to modernize the story, but after a battle of wits with Moriarty Sherlock apparently fell to his death, his brains messily dashed all over the pavement outside Saint Bartholomew’s Hospital.

Well. We couldn’t stop there, so we settled in to watch the next episode and learned … that was the season cliffhanger! I hate cliffhangers! And it turns out we have to wait most of a year until they even film the next episode in the next series! I suppose I’ll have to give in and subscribe to cable television so we don’t miss it, although maybe we’ll all have on-demand video in our cyborg eyes by that time.

The Reichenbach Fall | 7:28 pm CDT
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